PIA And The Titanic: Is There Any Difference?

PIA and the Titanic: Is there any  difference?

Thank you, My Lords for saving one of my boys from committing Harakiri: A piece written by Air Cdr Prevaiz Akhtar

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 24th January, 2020) Let me explain but first may I dare to ask you to imagine this scenario for a brief moment.

We are at war. I am a Squadron commander.
I read a flash message from PAF high command asking me to execute Plan X.
Now, plan X has been discussed/ war gamed during peace time so my Sqn Pilots are quite familiar with it. It is a mission from which no one comes back- a one way mission.
Among others, I have some of my pupils who I had trained as youngsters back in the 70s and early 80s but now they are matured as warriors...ready for battle.
I enter the ops room. The operations room is animated despite the stress and tension of war but it falls silent as they see my sombre visage.

'Gentleman, We have been asked to execute Plan X and I need volunteers to...'
But before , I can finish my sentence I see many hands rise but the fastest is that of Arshad's. It seems to me as if he had a premonition.

Yes, My Lords, the same Air Marshal Arshad , who you mercifully sacked recently. Ready to go one way when the chips are down. I know it because I trained him.

That is exactly what he did when the PM asked him to save PIA. He didn't blink.

But had he asked my opinion, I would have told him. ' Son, don't waste your reputation built over 35 years. This is a mission impossible, akin to keeping the Titanic afloat.
PIA, like the Titanic is mortally wounded. It is suffering from multiple organ failure for a very long time now but somehow we are hell bent upon keeping it alive on a ventilator.

Mi Lords, I must thank you once again for saving my boy from an ignominious end to his exceptional career. I also hope that you will now direct the board what to do with this Titanic. I am sure, you know better.