Rabi Pirzada Announces Support For Education Of Deserving Students


Rabi Pirzada announces support for education of deserving students

The former actress says that the children must be taught but not with the charity money but with hard-earned money.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Jan 23rd, 2020) Former Lollywood actress Rabi Pirzada announced financial support for families’ groceries if they send their boys and girls to schools for education.

Taking to Twitter, Rabi Pirzada used a different way for the support of poor families and said that she would pay Rs 500 for the groceries of the boys’ families if they send the boys to school for education and fixed Rs 1000 for girls’ family if they send them to school for their learning and education. She urged the parents for the support of the students.

She also said that children of Pakistan must be taught but not with the charity amount but with the amount earned through hard working.

Rabi Pirzada urged the people to support the children win calligraphies as prizes.

It is, however, first of its kind offer from a female artist who left showbiz industry after some “objectionable” videos and pictures went viral on social media.

Fida Hussnain

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