Which One Is Better: PSL Vs. IPL


Which One is Better: PSL vs. IPL

This Year's Big Bash of PSL and IPL will reboot a new Edition of Cricket Rivalry!

The bickering between Pakistan and India has been constant since 1947 independence. Since our childhoods, we all have listened to the stories of hatred. The beautiful land of Kashmir into a turned into a battlefield for both countries at the time of separation. The Radcliffe line added fuel to fire. It sparked a new era of rivalry. After a long-time bombardment of wars, both countries settled on a Cold War. The IndoPak public shows their hatred most in their cricket and movies, of course.

The Launch of Pakistan Super League flashed a new series to squabble over. The famous 2008’s Indian Premier League is an amalgamation of hard-core cricket and Entertainment (Don’t forget the Gambling Part) . It has been more than a decade of IPL’s birth, and it’s the most merchandisable league globally.

After the popularity of IPL, so many countries tried to walk in their footsteps. But, PSL got most of the hype. The major reason was IndoPak rivalry. In the first four successful years of PSL, now there is everyone’s question?

Which league stands out to be better? IPL or PSL... Let’s find out here!


The popularity of leagues is nowadays counted over social media. India is a highly populous country has so many followers all around. The Facebook account of IPL has 20 Million followers and has a number of 7.1 Million of Twitter family. However, Pakistan has a 3/4th of India Population have 3.8 Million fans following. On average, it’d be more than IPL’s popularity if the mammoth population is disregarded. On a lighter note, the population of Uttar Pradesh is more than Pakistan. You know further...

Players’ Quality

IPL’s credibility is lost every year with its extraterrestrial gambling scenario. The quality of international players isn’t the same in IPL. The biggest example is Chris Gayle- the top batsman of Kings XI Punjab. He has played some iconic shots in IPL’s every edition but... he failed PSL. With extravagant cheques, IPL although buys the world-class player. Maybe they don’t just let them play the way they do. Kuddos to Gamblers!

Game Status

People often consider the T20 leagues to be a luck game for Batsmen. Although Virat Kohli stands out as the highest-paid player and amazing batsmen, still the run-rate of this expensive batsmen 37.84. While the poor Babar Azam is proud with his healthy 41.01 t20 run-rate. Undoubtedly, PSL is deprived of big-budgeted player but has still managed to maintain the quality.

Average Attendance

Except for one edition of IPL, all matches were hosted by the country itself. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost the privilege of watching the cricket matches in 2009 because of the horrible attack on Srilankan team. The hard-core fans of cricket were highly disappointed with not having the PSL matches in Pakistan at first. With all efforts, PCB managed to bring all the lights of Cricket to Pakistan. Before then, all PSL matches were hosted by UAE. This stopped many people to reach out for their favourite team matches.

But this PSL 2020, all matches will be hosted by the most beautiful cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan. The stadiums are predicted to be jam-packed this time!


BCCI standing as the richest cricket body has brought Millionaires like Mukesh Ambani in the fold. Just like PSL 2020, India is prepared to entertain with the 13th edition of IPL. The expected budget for the IPL 2020 will more than the US $200 Million. While the US $18 Million I the allocated budget for the PSL edition 5 2020. HBL the main sponsor of PSL has bought the title for around US $6 Million.

In a nutshell, PSL can’t compete for IPL. Indian Premier League is way ahead of PSL in many perspectives. However, Pakistan Super League is nourishing every year to be better in every way. It will surely take time. But right now, get excited for the upcoming Season of PSL 2020. The streets of Pakistan will be soon splashing colours with the PSL 2020 Live Matches.

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