Pakistan At High Alert After “Cornovirus” In China


Pakistan at high alert after “Cornovirus” in China

The Ministry of National Health Services has issued advisory for the citizens with clear instruction about virus and risks about its spread in Pakistan.

Islamabad: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Jan 22, 2020) The strange “Coronavirus” in China has alerted all neighboring countries including Pakistan as the virus may spread through direct contact with infected person.

The sources say that Pakistan National Health Services Department has issued advisory for the citizens with clear instructions about virus and risks about its spread in Pakistan.

“All passengers arriving from China would have to undergo a medical examination as special counters would be set up at all airports,” the statement issued by the ministry said. According to Chinese media reports, the Chinese authorities also advised its people to stop travel into and out of China to stop the outbreak that has killed nine people so far. The virus, they confirmed, could spread from human-to-human transmission.

The reports said that Wuhan—the Chinese city—is the center of outbreak where around 8.9 million people lived. The virus spread from Wuhan also reached Thailand, US and South Korea. The health officials in Pakistan have clearly directed the citizens to adopt precautionary measures to save themselves from the virus and to stop the spread of the virus. The reports revealed that there over 450 confirmed cases of the outbreak that started from a market with illegal wildlife in Wuhan province. The country has also been declared at the “most critical stage” of the prevention and control, the authorities said.

The outbreak happens at the moment when millions of people are travelling within and outside China to celebrate Lunar New Year week-long holiday.

Coronaviruses can cause a range of symptoms including respiratory issues, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Mild symptoms include common cold, while more serious are likely to lead to pneumonia, the reports added.

Fida Hussnain

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