Participants Of Berlin Conference On Libya To Create Committee To Coordinate Further Work

BERLIN (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 20th January, 2020) The participants of the Berlin conference on Libya said in the joint final document they would create an international committee to coordinate their follow-up actions,.

"We herewith create an International Follow-Up Committee (IFC) consisting of all countries and International Organisations that participated in today's Berlin Conference on Libya in order to maintain coordination in the aftermath of the Berlin Conference on Libya, under the aegis of the United Nations," the document says.

Senior-level plenary sessions will be held once a month to evaluate the implementation of the conference's conclusions and, if necessary, "exert leverage".

Four technical groups will meet at the expert level twice a month during the first implementation stages. The groups will be led by UN representatives and work in four areas address obstacles to the implementation, exchange information, coordinate operational requirements and support the mandate of the UN Security Council.