ZHO Provides World-class Healthcare To Its Students

ZHO provides world-class healthcare to its students

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 18th Jan, 2020) The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, ZHO, operates through its care and rehabilitation centres spread across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Five centres are based Abu Dhabi city, four in Al Ain region, and five in Al Dhafra. Among its other facilities are two sports centres in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, and the office of the Department for the Welfare of the Blind. The ZHO provides 32 advanced services to people of determination (persons with disabilities), including 12 Primary services and 20 secondary services offered to registered beneficiaries.

The Secretary-General of Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, Habdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, explained, "The various institutions in the UAE are exerting efforts to support people of determination. A series of programmes and initiatives have been launched by private and public institutions across the country to empower people of determination and help them integrate in vital sectors. Most importantly, these efforts provide comprehensive care and many offer a chance at a healthy, safe and secure life while also providing people with the knowledge, skills and training to become less dependent and more integrated."

He confirmed that the ZHO was working on the guidelines and supervision of ZHO board Chairman, H.H. Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as it continues its efforts to support and enable people of determination as they become active and influencing actors in sustainable and comprehensive development.

The ZHO Secretary-General also noted that the Organisation paid special attention to treatment and rehabilitation services due to the increased demand for such types of specialised care. It has sought to implement the best global standards and most effective practices in providing these services, basing its work on international practices and implementation, he added.

The ZHO is also in the process of concluding agreements and MoUs with dedicated entities, and visiting medical and treatment facilities in other countries to identify new services and implement ones that meet the needs of ZHO beneficiaries.

Acting Director of the Health Care Department at ZHO, Dr. Fatima Al Dhahiri said, "As a key department, the Health Care Department at the ZHO is responsible for providing treatment services such as physiotherapy, functional therapy, speech therapy, splints, wheelchair maintenance, alternative technologies, and medical assistance and services. The latter include diagnostic services, medical evaluations, vaccination, medical consultations, dentistry, nursing services, family medicine, and general medicine."

These services are provided across several channels, including the Smart Rehabilitation Laboratory, sensory therapy, hydrotherapy, Spider Therapy, group therapy, assistive technology, and individual sessions. Their goal is to improve motor, functional, cognitive, sensory, and language skills to equip people of determination with the daily and integration skills they need depending on their case.

The number of students who benefited from these services reached 902 in 2019, she noted. Among these, 522 students were located in Abu Dhabi, 317 in Al Ain and 63 in Al Dhafra.

Dr. Al Dhahiri also clarified that 138 male and female students registered at ZHO benefited from the Smart Rehabilitation Laboratory since its launch and 7,537 therapy sessions have so far been provided. People of determination who can benefit from the laboratory’s services include those suffering from mobility limitations such as in cases of cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, Down syndrome, and development delay.