Here Comes Gold Iphone 7 Attributed To The New US President Donald Trump With His Picture On The Back

here comes gold Iphone 7 attributed to the new US president Donald trump with his picture on the back

(Pakistan Point News – 29th December, 2016) : After Donald trump won US presidential elections 2016, while many interesting things are being attributed to his name, a trump mobile phone have recently been introduced in the market. There is a UAE based company which prepares gold and diamond jewelry. This company has introduced a Donald trump mobile iPhone 7 made up of gold, on the back of which a picture of Donald trump has been engraved. According to the details, 450 diamonds have been placed on the corners of the gold made-up mobile and around the Apple logo. The managing director of gold jenny, frank Fernando has said very clearly that this mobile phone will not attract the common users as it is really expensive. It is only for those who belong to a high class society and can afford luxuries. This luxurious cell phone has a shocking price of Rs. 1.5 crores.