A Blood Freezing Contest Held In Chinese Province Hunan, One Of The Competitor Sets World Record


A blood freezing contest held in Chinese province Hunan, one of the competitor sets world record

Hunan, (Pakistan Point News – 28th December, 2016) : Although most of us find it a tough task to take a bath in winters but when it comes to making a world record, what could be easier than that? A freezing competition was held in the central province of China, Hunan over the world’s highest and longest glass bridge. 2 inhabitants participated in this weird competition including a 50 years old chin kae and 60 years old Jin Soungao. The rules of the game were really simple and complicated on the same time. One has to sit in a box filled with ice for the longest time. In the 123rd minute of competition, Jin soungao gave up while Chin kae showed more valor and made a world record by sitting there for approximately 129 minutes.