Foreign Exchange Rates

Foreign exchange rates

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 26th july,2016) : The Exchange Rates Committee of Financial Markets Association of Pakistan issued the following exchange rates bulletin, here on Tuesday. LIBOR FOR CALCULATING INTEREST ON SPECIAL US Dollar BONDS VIDE SBP F.E. CIRCULAR NO.42 & 21.07.98 & 04.08.98 RESPECTIVELY. LIBOR VALUE 6 MONTHS US DOLLAR 1.0444 26.07.16 CONVERSION RATES FOR 26TH JULY 2016 FOR FOREIGN CURRENCY FOR FORWARD COVER FOR DEPOSITS (EXCLUDING FE-25 DEPOSITS) SBP SETTLEMENT VALUE date JULY 28, 2016. USD 104.8521 GBP 137.9539 EUR 115.1905 JPY 0.9863