Russian Space Industry Finishes 2019 With Flawless Launch Record - Roscosmos

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 27th December, 2019) Russian space agency Roscosmos announced on its website on Friday that all of its launches this year had been conducted without incidents.

This year, Russia has made 25 launches the first one on February 21 and the last one on Friday with 13 rockets launched from Baikonur spaceport, eight from Plesetsk, one from Vostochny and three from Kourou in French Guiana. All launches were deemed successful by Roscosmos.

Russia had the third most launches this year, after China with 33 launches, and the United States with 27. Beijing plans to have two additional launches before the year's end.

In 2019, Russia stopped using Soyuz-FG and Rokot launch vehicles, which included equipment produced in Ukraine.