Modi Waging War Against Muslims In INDIA: President Arif Alvi

ISLAMABAD (Pakistan Point News / Online - 16th December, 2019) President Arif Alvi has said Narendar Modi government is engaged in war against Muslims in India.In his video tweet President said " thousands of messages have been received from India since a day before. Among them I am tweeting one. This girl while weeping telling about brutal violence of Indian police against girls inside Jamia Milla University.President Arif further said " Modi government while using Hindutva fascism is fighting war against the Muslims.

It is pertinent to mention here Modi government has approved a controversial citizenship law based on discriminatory treatment against Muslims under which Indian citizenship will be given to Non Muslimsfleeing persecution from Muslim-majority neighbouring countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh except Muslims.Against this law country wide protest is being stated all across India and several casualties have taken place in these demonstrations.