Latvia Could Cut Number Of Municipal Deputies By Over Half - Cabinet

RIGA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 11th December, 2019) Latvia plans to reduce the number of municipal deputies in the country by over 50 percent, as part of broader reforms, the Cabinet of Ministers has announced.

The measure to reduce the number of municipal deputies from 1,600 to 750, that is by 54 percent, was supported by the Latvian cabinet on Tuesday.

The number of deputies in Latvia's capital, Riga, will be reduced to 60.

"Reducing the number of deputies will save the country 995,000 Euros," a spokesperson of Latvia's Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development told Sputnik on Tuesday.

As part of the ongoing administrative and territorial reform in the country, it is planned to reduce the number of local government branches from 119 to 39.

If approved by Latvia's parliament, the new measures will come into force in 2021.