French Police Detain 30 During Anti-Pension Reform Protests On Tuesday - Reports

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 11th December, 2019) Police in France have detained 30 people in the course of mass protests against the yet unpublished pension reform that would have certain categories of workers lose retirement privileges to a new unified points-based system, French media reported on Tuesday.

The Parisian prefecture police detained a total of 30 people throughout Tuesday, the BFMTV broadcaster said.

According to the French Interior Ministry, the protests saw 339,000 people taking to the streets nationwide, of them 31,000 in Paris alone. At the same time, the CGT union has claimed the number to be 885,000.

Mass rallies began across France on December 5, with the epicenter of marches being in Paris. By Saturday, the French capital was caught in havoc as anti-pension reform protests paralleled with the Yellow Vests.

Workers of public and private sector rally against the announced but still unpublished pension reform that would cancel sector-specific retirement benefits and introduce a unified points-based system. The complete draft of the reform is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday.