Civil Twin Renewable Middle East Launches Business In SRTI Park

Civil Twin Renewable Middle East launches business in SRTI Park

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 10th Dec, 2019) The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, SRTI Park, announced the joining of leading Spanish Photovoltaics Company, Civil Twin Renewable middle East, which will deploy and test the latest solar and renewable technologies at the park in collaboration with government, private and academic institutions.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, will allow the company to establish a pilot plant for photovoltaic energy in successive stages. Renewable technologies are growing rapidly and SRTI Park is keen to be a platform for global businesses to introduce their technologies in the region.

The centre will include a field for testing photovoltaic panels, provide independent measurement procedures for the performance, reliability, and affordability of photovoltaic panel models, and technical equipment related to those tests. The centre will also research concentrated photovoltaic performance within climatic conditions in the region.

The MoU was signed by Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, and Dr. Raúl Gomez Rojo from Civil Twin Renewable Middle East.

Al Mahmoudi said, "We are pleased to welcome Civil Twin, the leading Spanish company in the field of renewable energy and solar panels, at SRTI Park."

He said the future growth plans of the park for the next five years revolve around its growing role as a vital and important centre for research and development and the deployment of commercial applications for clean technology.

The joining of this kind of research company is proof of Sharjah’s international scientific position represented by the park and its pivotal role in supporting, encouraging and developing the innovation system in the region, carrying out applied and technological scientific research for investment activities, and following the best international standards in providing services.

SRTI Park's vision is to develop and manage an innovation ecosystem that promotes research and development and supports enterprise activities and the triple helix collaboration of industry, government, and academia.

It provides an environment conducive to innovation and creativity by creating an attractive and sustainable park with integrated infrastructure and services to transfer and localise knowledge and support, encourage and develop an innovation system to enhance the status of the UAE as a global destination in the fields of research and technology, and to encourage investment.