US Defense Budget For 2020 Stipulates Allocation Of $300 Million Of Aid To Ukraine

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 10th December, 2019) The US defense budget for 2020 fiscal year prescribes the allocation of $300 million of military aid to Ukraine, according to a document coordinated by the US Congress.

On Monday, the Armed Services Committees of the US Senate and the House of Representatives reached an agreement to finance the country's defense spending for 2020 fiscal year in the amount of $738 billion. The project of the budget is yet to be approved by the Congress. If approved, the document is to be signed by the US president.

"The FY20 NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] renews a series of authorities to deter Russian aggression ... [it] renews and extends the authorization of $300 million of funding for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, to include lethal defensive items as well as new authorities for coastal defense cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles," the document said.