Dangerous Practice Of One-wheeling On Rise In Federal Capital

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News / Online - 08th December, 2019) The increasing trend of one-wheeling by the youngsters on city's busiest roads is not only endangering lives of the bikers but also posing serious threats to other road users. Now this dangerous trend has now turned into mafia."The motor bikers, mostly teenagers, are seen performing dangerous stunts and driving their motorcycles on one wheel on the busy roads of the city. Youngsters are being witness performing dangerous stunts in the main highways and roads like Islamabad Expressway, Koral Chowk, Murree Road, Malpur, Rawal Dam and other areas.

In Rawalpindi these this ugly practice mostly seen on the roads near Sixth Road, Shamsabad, Committee Chowk, Nawaz Sharif Park, Ayub Park, Airport Road, Peshawar Road and underpasses. It is pertinent to mention here that the Islamabad Traffic Police have warned youngsters to avoid one wheeling on the roads otherwise legal action would be taken against them. The traffic wardens have also been directed to keep a vigilant eye on the one-wheelers so that action in accordance with the law could be taken against them.