Armed Men Kidnap 5 Family Members Of Laborer To Grab House

Pasror (Pakistan Point News / Online - 06th December, 2019) Six Armed men kidnapped labor's wife along with his 3 daughters and one son to illegally occupy his house. .According to information 6 armed people named Zulfiqar Ali, Arshid, Imran, Javeed and two unknown persons have tried to grab house worth Rs 1.4 million of poor labor Arshid Mahmood through fake agreement paper while the grabbers have paid not a single to Arshid Mahmood.Accused kidnapped his wife Samina BiBi, his 3 daughters Aliza Umar, Hafiz Umar, and Neelam Umar, and his son Jillani Umar and brought them to unknown place.

The accused built pressure on Arshid Mahmood that he should hand over house to them. They also prepared a fake sale agreement valuing Rs 14 lac to grab the house. .Arshid Mahmood filed FIR in Sab Pir police station. The police have recovered his family from Lahore. The accused have been granted interim bail by the court.