Four Security Officers Killed In Karak 2nd Operation

Four security officers killed in Karak 2nd operation

AMMAN, Dec.21 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 21st Dec, 2016 ) : Four security personnel were killed Tuesday evening, during a raid on a suspected terrorist hideout in the southern governorate of Karak, a senior security source said. The source said security forces had successfully concluded the operation in the governorate, while enough personnel were still on active combing operation to purge the area of all outlaws. During the operation, the source said, seven public security department personnel, three gendarmerie officers and one civil defence department officer were injured as well as a civilian who happened to be at the scene of the raid.

The source explained that the operation started Tuesday afternoon during a search campaign of a suspect house connected to those involved in Sunday's attack in Karak. The operation resulted in the killing of a terrorist and arresting of another one, who confessed that he was part of the terrorist cell that targeted security forces in Qatrana and Karak Castle. The terrorist also confessed he bought the weapons used during the attack and provided funds to the terrorist. Security forces seized weapons and ammunitions stashed in the terrorist's house. Jordan's security forces would continue to hit with an iron fist anyone who tries to tamper with the Kingdom's security or harm its citizens and guests, the source vowed.