Custodian Of Shrine Who Killed 20 People Sentenced To Death On 20 Counts


Custodian of shrine who killed 20 people sentenced to death on 20 counts

Anti-Terrorism Court announced the verdict against Peer Abdul Waheed and his three accomplices for killings 20 innocent people inside a shrine located in Sargodha in 2017, and ordered the authorities concerned to confiscate all their properties.

SARGODHA: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Dec 3r, 2019) An Anti-Terrorism Court on Tuesday sentenced to death on twenty counts to custodian of a shrine and three other suspects for killing 20 people and ordered the police to confiscate their properties.

The court announced the verdict after the prosecution successfully proved the case against Peer Abdul Waheed and his three accomplices for taking lives of 20 people at a shrine in Sargogdha district.

On April 2, 2017, Peer Abdul Waheed and his three accomplices were arrested for intoxicating and murdering 20 devotees inside a shrine and leaving four others severely injured. He used knives and batons for taking their lives. Four women were among those who were killed at the shrine of Mohammad Ali.

Nobody in the area was willing to lodge any complaint against the suspects and at last, the state itself became complainant and the FIR was lodged against Abdul Waheed and his accomplices for killing innocent people coming to the shrine in Sargodha.

According to the regional police, Abdul Waheed, 50 year old shrine custodian, confessed his crime of killing innocent people, saying that he feared that perhaps they had come there to kill him. The police said that Waheed appeared to be mentally sick. Police said that before killing all 20 peoples, he gave them intoxication.

The shrine where the incident took place was built there around two and a half years ago in 2014.

Waheed initially served as employee with Election Commission of Pakistan in Lahore and came to Sargodha to take charge of the shrine soon after completion of the shrine.

Fida Hussnain

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