Huawei Is Back: We Have Ability To Stay Strong Even Without Google Services : Claims Huawei’s Country Manager Scott Huang


Huawei is Back: We Have Ability to Stay Strong Even Without Google Services : Claims Huawei’s Country Manager Scott Huang

The new smart phone with price tag of Rs 42,999 is the best devise for video makers and Youtubers.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Dec 03, 2019) Through bombastic comeback in Pakistan, Huawei launched Huawei Y9s—a classic smart phone from Y-series, having features and affordable price in the local market.

After launching ceremony, Huawei’s country manager Scott Huang said that Huawei 9Ys is the new smart-phone launched by Huawei to make its way in the local market with price tag of Rs 42,999. He said the facility of pre-order is also available until Friday, Dec 06, 2019. He said that Pakistan is a great market for mid-range phones; therefore, it mostly launched low budget phones in the country. Huawei Y9s is a new smart-phone launched by Huawei with tripe camera setup, other excellent features including designs, color and perfect hold.

Huang also made it clear that the company had the ability to stay strong even without Google services and it would keep providing the best services to the customers. He stated that all the Google applications had been and would be available to every Huawei phone in the future. Huawei had also been promoting its own App Gallery for a while, and according to Scott, it had grown to more than 570 million users. He also admitted the Huawei app store had no match with the number of applications available on the Play Store. He pointed out that Huawei was working hard to establish the App Gallery to Play Store’s level. “Huawei has scientists, researchers and experts in different parts of the world who are working on new ideas,” said Huang, adding that “eco –system is a challenging thing to develop which takes time but the company is making investment across the world,”. Huange also said that there are over 1.07 million mobile service developers connected to its ecosystem, with 160 million active monthly users of Huawei Mobile Cloud and 390 million monthly users of Huawei’s AppGallery. Huawei said ranked 5th among global tech companies which invested $15 billion in its research and development. Huawei had 80,000 workers in its R&D and the company was planning to pour more $17 billion in this program , said Huang.

Answering to question, Scott refused to accept the speculation about Huawei not bringing flagship phones in the market due to the US-China trade war. It was Huawei’s strategy of launching phones in accordance with the market appetite, he added. Recently the company launched many flagship phones in Europe and other regions.

Statistics shared by Scott showed recent news related to the US-China tug of war made no effect on Huawei’s progress of becoming a top smartphone brand. It ranked second in the third quarter of 2019 after securing 18.6 percent of market share. In 2019, the company achieved the target of 200 million sales 64 days earlier than 2018.

Huawei believes that Pakistan has a great market for mid-range phones, therefore, it mostly launches low budget phones in the country. Huawei Y9s is the new smartphone launched by Huawei to grab the market. Huawei Y9s has the tripe camera setup and comes with a price tag of 42,999. The phone is available for Pre-orders until Friday, December 6, 2019.

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