First Russian Cutting-Edge Radar System Enters Combat Duty - Military

KOVYLKINO (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 01st December, 2019) The first Russian next-generation Konteyner over-the-horizon radar system has entered combat duty in the country's republic of Mordovia, Lt. Gen. Andrei Demin, the commander of the 1st Air and Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Army of the Russian Aerospace Forces, told journalists on Sunday.

The radar system was deployed for trial duty on December 1, 2018, but fully enters into combat duty only now.

"Now we [can] see the opponent's possible strikes from several hundred to two thousand kilometers [1,242 miles] up to the border in real time. The station will conduct reconnaissance incessantly. It is capable of monitoring the situation in the western and southern aerospace directions," Demin said.

He added that it would detect deck aircraft launches in the Baltic, Black, and Mediterranean seas, launches of tactical aircraft, mass launches of cruise missiles, and even single launches of hypersonic missiles against Russian targets.