Judiciary Is Ensuring Protection Of Women Rights: CJP Khosa

LAHORE (Pakistan Point News / Online - 01st December, 2019) Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa said on Sunday that courts have been functioning from the last 50 years for provision of justice to women in the society.Addressing the third day of Women Judges Conference' in Lahore, the chief justice asserted that every citizen, including the minorities has equal rights in the Constitution.He said that the judiciary has been working effectively to protect the rights of women.

"The role of women in our society is vital and it is increasing day by day," he added.The CJ added that more than 300 women judges have been working in district courts. He said that soon female judges would be appointed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He shared that he had the opportunity to propose two judges' Names for the apex court and during the selection process, some female candidates were being "actively considered". "We should make women independent in other spheres of the society.

"He highlighted that female judges should work in a relaxed environment and should not present themselves as a stern judge. "The judges should remain firm and relax.""A female judge is respected not because of her strict judgments but because of her behaviour [] courtroom's environment depends upon your behaviour that doesn't require unnecessary strictness.""Judges are entitled to dispense justice, and if they don't, there isn't any difference between you and a common man.

"CJP Khosa remarked: "Female judges should free themselves from mental stress and discharge their duties in a convenient environment.""Male judges don't have that problem. They would cut jokes with the lawyers, they would relax the atmosphere and they would be comfortable with everybody else appearing in the court [] but the female judge somehow has to change her personality. She has to become an iron lady so that nobody messes with her."So this is something that I wanted to discuss with you that just relax.

Don't become he' judges," he added.The CJP affirmed that female judges were "she judges" because they were better at many things."You are compassionate, you are kind, you are considerate and when litigants will see you in court, they will feel that they can be in safe hands, very kind hands."The atmosphere has to be very relaxed in a courtroom so that the litigant feels comfortable and the lawyers also can come up with whatever they want to say in support of their clients [.

..] I've seen women judges that have a very stern look so please relax, people will respect you, people will be very considerate towards you.""Just because you are women judges, you don't have to impose yourself upon everybody and try to put on a show and to represent yourself as something which you're not," he stated."Be women in the courtroom as well, be relaxed and be yourself. Don't put on a show.""There have been multiple instances when people have submitted applications to shift their cases from women's courts," he added.

"They are just not comfortable, they can't see a lady sitting there as a judge," he said, attributing it to "social taboos" but observing that people are getting more comfortable with the idea."Once they deal with you [...] I'm sure this distinction between women judges and men judges will disappear," he said.Importantly, the CJP asserted that he had an objection with the title of the conference Women Judges Conference' and urged the organisers to coin some other phrase for it so the distinction based on gender could be removed.

"This is a contradiction in terms. We've been told that we have to change the vocabulary [...] you haven't, please walk the talk. Act on what you tell us.""Just behave like judges, normal judges, and dispense justice according to law and then people themselves will stop noticing whether they are appearing before a woman or male judge.""But at the same time, you have to be firm in the court. Don't allow anybody to browbeat you, don't allow anybody to undermine your authority [] be courteous but be firm.

""Now you'll say I'm contradicting myself, I'm not. I'm not saying that just change yourself and relax but at the same time, firmness is something different.""It was confined to four walls for many centuries. It is coming out of it. This gender is becoming a regular part of almost every walk of life and we are very fortunate that even in this third world country of ours, we are making [an] effort and we are taking strides in that direction.

"He said female judges should avoid using intense words and phrases while delivering verdicts.The top judge said: "With the passage of time, the distinction between a male and female judge will vanish."He said judges should dispense justice to the masses with honesty and should decide maximum number of cases on a daily basis."The Almighty loves whosoever does justice, so always be fair in the court [] those dispensing justice shouldn't be afraid of anything," he stated.

"Women are needed to be empowered in every field." "I hope to get invited [in the event] as a retired judge," he concluded.Bar and Bench two wheels of justice'Earlier, CJP Khosa said that Bar and Bench were the two wheels of justice, and effective coordination between those two was vital for dispensation of justice to the masses.He addressed a farewell dinner in Bahawalpur, and stated that people put their trust in courts so "this is our topmost responsibility to ensure provision of justice."The CJP stressed that the law and order should be maintained for the development of the country.