Sharjah Municipality Reviews US Wastewater Treatment Technology

Sharjah Municipality reviews US wastewater treatment technology

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 25th Nov, 2019) The Sharjah Municipality reviewed the best international practices and techniques in wastewater treatment during a visit by a delegation from the municipality headed by Hassan Al Tafaq, Assistant Director-General of the Agriculture and Environment Sector, to Chicago, USA.

The delegation was in Chicago to attend the Energy and Water Conference, which is organised annually to showcase the latest developments and technologies in the fields of water and energy industries, wastewater treatment, and recycling.

Al Tafaq stressed that the municipality is keen to use the best techniques in treating wastewater and using stations with high efficiency and to be in the know of all that is new in this area and apply it in the working mechanism.

The municipal delegation visited Chicago to learn about the latest technologies, innovations and new equipment used in the field of municipal work in general and sanitation and waste in particular.

It was also aimed at learning about the new experiences of various companies in this area to study the possibility of their application at the Sharjah Municipality in accordance with international standards.