Israeli Exporters Dumped Magnesium In US At Under Fair Value - Commerce Department

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 23rd November, 2019) Israeli exporters of magnesium to the United States have dumped or sold at below fair value the lightweight metal commonly used by the aviation industry, the US Commerce Department.

"Investigations of imports of magnesium from Israel [found] that exporters from this country have sold magnesium at less than fair value in the United States at a rate of 218.98 percent," the Commerce Department said in a statement on Friday. "In addition, Commerce determined that exporters from Israel received countervailable subsidies at a rate of 13.77 percent."

The statement said imports of magnesium from Israel were estimated at $38.9 million in 2018.

The Commerce Department investigation against Israeli magnesium exports came after a petition filed by US Magnesium LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah, the statement added.

Magnesium is frequently alloyed with aluminum, which makes aluminum easier to roll, extrude and weld. Magnesium-aluminum alloys are used where strong, lightweight materials are required, such as in airplanes, missiles and rockets. Cameras, horseshoes, baseball catchers' masks and snowshoes are other items that are made from magnesium alloys.