Trump Wants Impeachment Trial In Senate With Bidens, Whistleblower Testifying - Spokesman

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 22nd November, 2019) US President Donald Trump wants the US Senate to hold an impeachment trial of him, and would like former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, both in the center of a scandal that provoked the impeachment inquiry, as well as a whistleblower who reported about Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president that was followed by the launch of the inquiry in the House of Representatives, to testify as witnesses, the White House said.

In a statement, as quoted by NBC news, the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, Hogan Gidley, urged the Democratic Party members to "stop these illegitimate sham hearings [in the impeachment inquiry] immediately."

"If they don't, President Trump wants to have a trial in the Senate because it's clearly the only chamber where he can expect fairness and receive due process under the Constitution. We would expect to finally hear from witnesses who actually witnessed, and possibly participated in corruption - like [lawmaker] Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the so-called Whistleblower, to name a few," Gidley said on Thursday.