Obaid-Chinoy’s DuPont-Columbia Award – A Tribute For Inhumane Customs' Victims

Obaid-Chinoy’s duPont-Columbia Award – a tribute for inhumane customs' victims

(Pakistan Point News – 19th December, 2016 ) Here comes Sharmeen Obaid with the brand new achievements and appraisal of her exceptional work. While the release of her 3 Bahadur’s second series is earning great business worldwide, she also succeeded winning Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for A Girl in the River: The price of Forgiveness. Released in 2015, A Girl in the River is Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary, released on October 28, last year, that pictures out the greatest social problem prevailing in Pakistan, honor killings.

It made its worldwide premiere via distributor HBO on March 7, 2016.The film was admired worldwide and was also nominated for an Oscar last year. Obaid-Chinoy is known greatly for depicting the dark and bitter scenarios which also makes her a prey of her own countrymen’s criticism Pakistan’s negatives to the world. Her awards-winning film A Girl in the River brings to light the story of Saba, a teenage girl whose father shot her for marrying the man of her choice.

According to the accused, his daughter had dishonored him by choosing her husband, which maculated his name in the public. The activist-filmmaker’s latest achievement – the duPont-Columbia University Award – is the broadcasting equivalent of the famed Pulitzer prize in journalism space. Alongside A Girl in the River, ESPN’s eight-hour documentary OJ: Made in America. According to Columbia Journalism school’s Award Winners page, “The winners will be awarded at Low Memorial library, Jan.

25, 2017, at the awards’ 75th anniversary celebration.”Frequent and such prestigious Awards and nomination is contributing greatly towards chinoy’s local and international support and the nationwide efforts to put a stop to these inhumane customs of the past, and will provide a potent platform letting people to raise their voices against the customized violence. And help build a strong platform for those willing to raise their voices against violence.