Israeli Tourist Reports She Was Gang-raped In India


Israeli tourist reports she was gang-raped in India

Himachal Pradesh, (Pakistan Point News – 25th July, 2016) : An Israeli woman, 25-year-old, visiting India was allegedly gang-raped near Manali, country's northern town, on Sunday.  According to an Indian media, a local police official said that the episode occurred in the early hours of the morning whereas the Israeli tourist was hitchhiking.  Police stated that the Israeli woman was looking for a taxi to travel to the Kaza, Western Himalayan town, whilst the commuters in a vehicle arrived and offered her a lift to close to Manali.

 The Israeli supposed that 2 of the 6 men raped her at a location she could not identify later, before dropping her off. The woman reached to a local police station at around 10 a.m. to report the incident. The woman has undergone a medical examination. Local authorities were scrutinizing surveillance footage for investigation in the area. According to local media, the incident was the third reported rape of a foreigner in four years.