Step-father Harassed Her For Four Years, Says Actress Faryal Mehmood


Step-father harassed her for four years, says actress Faryal Mehmood

The actress says she faced many hardships to make her space in the showbiz industry.

KARACHI:(Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 18th, 2019) Famous tv actress Faryal Mehmood on Monday said that her step father harassed her for four years when she was only 8-year old in the USA.
In an Inteview with another known celebrity Samina Pirzada, the emerging TV actress Faryal Mehmood said that she was with her mother in the USA where her step father continued harassing her for at leasst for four years.
"I was eight years old when my step father started harassing me till 11-year of her age," said the actress while giving interview to Samina Pirzada in local TV's program.

Faryal stated her parents got separated when she was seven years old and she went to the US with her mother who did three marriages.
"The second and third husband of my mother did not like me," said actress, adding that "but she never disclosed to anyone due to some reason that she was harassed by her step father,".
"I just couldn't tell it to any my father and my brothers," she further said.
Faryal said that several times she attempted to suicide whenever she saw her parents fighting each other.

She stated that she was very emotional and was not completely happy with her life after which she decided to come to Pakistan.
"I remember that I faced many hardships due to my skin color and weight when I entered into Showbiz industry," said Faryal and added that "She did a lot of exercise and practice to make my space in the industry and finally I'm here,". Faryal Mehmood is the daughter of Rohani Bano.
The actress said that she was considered very tough woman by many in the showbiz industry but actually she was not. "I'm honest, dedicated and try to be punctual but many people just did not understand," she added.

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