US, EU Urge Georgian Gov't, Opposition To Find Way Out Of Current Political Crisis

TBILISI (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th November, 2019) The US Embassy and the EU Delegation to Georgia have issued a joint statement urging both the country's authorities and the opposition to find common ground to restore trust and overcome the current political crisis.

On November 14, the Georgian parliament failed to pass amendments to the constitution, changing the electoral system from mixed to proportional. In response, opposition parties, various non-governmental organizations, and their supporters began protests, demanding snap parliamentary elections and the appointment of a transitional government.

"In view of the current situation, we consider it essential to immediately work to restore trust through a calm and respectful dialogue between the government and all political parties and civil society with a view to finding an acceptable path forward," the Embassy and the Delegation said in a statement.

They expressed their support for the protesters' right of assembly but urged them to work within the boundaries of the Georgian constitution.

"We fully support the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. We call on all parties exercising this right to do so in a lawful manner and within the framework of the Constitution. We encourage all sides to act in the country's best interests," they added.

Currently, Georgia has a mixed electoral system, where 77 lawmakers are elected through party lists, and 73 are elected in single-seat districts.