Pakistan Can Become Well Known Destination For Leisure Tourism

Pakistan can become well known destination for leisure tourism

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 17th Dec, 2016 ) :Pakistan can become well-known destination for leisure tourism as blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches of the world like Gadani and Gwadar. Clifton Beach is the most popular beach among the domestic tourists and most of the local were not aware of other than Clifton beach. Talking to APP, Managing Director Abdul Ghafoor said the following eighteen beaches most beautiful in the country including Clifton Beach, this beach is very close to Karachi city and famous for camel and buggy ridings and for family picnics many tourists were not aware of the other beautiful beaches of the country.

Hawke's Bay less crowded with clearer water-leisure holiday makers may rent a hut to spend weekend there. Sandspit Beach good for swimming and sun bathing-the water there is in unusual rocky formation. French Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around Karachi - with clearer water and fresh air is a rocky beach he added. Paradise Point beach is good for family picnic and camel or horse riding - there is a naturally carved archway made of rock is an amazing point to enjoy the sea view.

Devil's Point beach is a good point to have some silent and peaceful away from the city hustle and bustle. Kund Malir Beach, a desert beach is a nice drive on Coastal Highway to Balochistan - the area belong to Hingol Park with scenic beauty just 145 km from zero point. Gadani Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Pakistan it is commonly known a harbor for ship breaking. Gwadar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Balochistan with most clearer and in emerald color waters located in Arabian Sea he said. Pasni Beach is commonly famous for fishing harbor - one can have good camping there. West Bay Beach is located in Gwadar - the beach is going to be developed for future leisure tourism he added.