What Resistance PM Khan Faced While Allowing Nawaz Sharif To Fly To London?


What resistance PM Khan faced while allowing Nawaz Sharif to fly to London?

A PTI's section is wondering that how their party's narrative of accountability has been exposed after permission to Nawaz Sharif to fly to London.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 12th, 2019) Prime Minister Imran Khan faced resistance from a section of his party which pressurized him to grant permission to former three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to go abroad for medical treatment.

The sources said that pressure on Prime Minister Imran KHAN from within his party and later permission to PML-N supremo and former three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif exposed the ruling PTI's narrative of accountability.

"I will not give NRO to anyone till my last breath," said PM Khan while addressing a ceremony in Nankana Sahib few days ago.

A senior leader of the PTI, the sources said, told the Prime Minister that the PML-N government faced huge trouble when the former military ruler Pervez Musharraf left the country on the same grounds. Some others gave direct messages to the central leadership that it should not grant permission to Nawaz Sharif.

"When PM Khan time and again has said that he will not give NRO then why impression of deal is being given to the general masses," the leader questioned.

"The public cast votes to the PTI just because of its narrative of accountability and now it is very surprising that it is talking about permission to Nawaz Sharif's departure abroad," he further said.

Nawaz Sharif has been given conditional permission to fly to London and that too at the moment when JUI-F is staging protest in Islamabad to press its demands.

What benefit, the JUI-F's protest has gain so far is not yet clear but one thing, the political analyst said, is sure that Nawaz Sharif secured his bail amid that pressure and also his departure to London.

The sources in the ruling party said that the central leadership was asked that why the concession was being given to Nawaz Sharif despite that the threat of JUI-F is looming there in the capital .

Two federal minister also opposed departure of Nawaz Sharif to London saying that the majority of the cabinet was not in the favor of permission to Nawaz Sharif.

In a tweet, Federal Minister Faisal Vawda indirectly opposed the departure of Nawaz Sharif to London. He made fun of Maryam Nawaz's statement by writing that "Nawaz Sharif and Shehbz Sharif both were leaving the ccountry for London just because of what is happening in the country. Shehbaz Sharif will continue to travel to and from Pakitan. " Father (Nawaz) and Uncle (Shehbaz) are now flying to the place where they have absconding relatives and looted money. Once we flied to Saudi Arabia. And now the doctors have set the condition of her father's treatment that she (Maryam ) should go with him for his care," he tweeted while targetting Maryam Nawaz.

Federal ministers Fawad Chaudhry also opposed Nawaz Sharif's departure abroad saying that Nawaz should not be allowed to leave the country. He said all the members of the federal cabinet were not in favour of allowing Nawaz Sharif to go abroad. “First Nawaz Sharif should apologise to the nation for not making one state-of-the-art hospital where he could have his treatment,” he said.

The sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was reluctant to give any nod on this matter and the guarantee was being sought from Nawaz Sharif but no guarantee or surety was being given to him.

It may be mentioned here that PM Khan had several times said that he would not give NRO to anyone.

Fida Hussnain

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