Dr. Hafeez Sheikh Says Per Kg Tomato In Karachi Available At Rs 17 In Markets


Dr. Hafeez Sheikh says per kg tomato in Karachi available at Rs 17 in markets

The Advisor to PM on Finance Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, who was completely unaware of increasing vegetable prices. said that the current prices were being shown on TV.

KARACHI: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 12th, 2019) Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the advisor to PM on Finance, said that Tomato price per kilogram in Karachi is at Rs 17 and the people who were telling extra prices were telling a lie. He was completely unaware of the high prices of vegetables.

"The price of per kg tomato is Rs 17, go and check it in the market," Advisor to PM on Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh told a journalist when he asked him about high prices of vegetables.

On his statement, the journalist asked him which market he was referring to for checking tomato prices he said it was being run on TV. At this, the journalist told Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh that it was also being run on tv that the price of per kg tomato has touched Rs 240.

According to latest reports, tomato prices have shaken the consumers as per kilogram tomato in Karachi is at Rs 240, in Lahore at Rs 170, in Peshawar at Rs 180 and in Quetta at Rs 160.

Amid inflation, the prices of per kilogram tomato have exceeded the value of one US Dollar against Pakistani rupee with Rs 165 per kilogram in various markets of Lahore, and with Rs 250 per kg in Karachi.
According to the official statistics, the official price of tomato per kilogram is Rs 85 but the governments in Sindh and Punjab have failed to have check on tomato prices in the markets.

Tomato is an essential item for every almost every spicy dish and for cooking of vegetables. After high inflation, the common people have their buying power. The pease prices have also gone up as price of per kg pease has touched Rs 250.

The vendors have set prices of vegetables of thier own choice in Lahore city where they have been selling tomato against Rs 190 per kg at one place and against at Rs 240 per kg at the other place.

In Khairpur, Tomato has touched double century and in Multan and Sargodha, the tomoto prices have gone up to 120 and 190 respetively, the consumers said. In Peshawar, per kg tomorrow is at Rs 120. The prices of other vegetables including that of onion have gone high. The consumers were seen complaining against the government for high prices of vegetables. A common citizen has lost his purchasing power.

"Now it is very hard to buy even tomatos because of high inflation," said Ayesha bibi, a resident of Iqbal Town in Lahore. "The inflation has made everything out of their reach," she further said adding that "Flour, sugar, oil and vegetables are essential items but these are out of reach now due to rising prices,".

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.