Mahira Khan Shares Touching Moments Of Her Parents When They Received UNHCR's Letter For Her


Mahira Khan shares touching moments of her parents when they received UNHCR's letter for her

The actress mother burst into tear while his father gave a big smile after thier daughter was named as the goodwill ambassador of UNHCR from Pakistan.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News- Nov 11th, 2019) After receiving a congratulatory letter from the United Nations High Commissioner for Reguees (UNHCR) for thier daughter named as the first ever UNHCR national Goodwill Ambassador in Pakistan, the parents of popular actress Mahira Khan became emotional.

The mother of Mahira Khan burst into tear while the fater of the actress gave the biggest smile over success of her daughter.

Mahira Khan shared the emotional moment of her parents on her twitter account while posting the letter on Instagram. The actress said that what she felt when her parents received that letter for her. The actress also shared the letter on her Instagram account.

Mahira Khan wrote: " I received the sweetest letter from UNHR for my parents and it is needless to saya that it made me extremely emotional,".

"My mother burst into tears and my father gave the biggest smile as they received letter for her," she further wrote. Mahira Khan also wrote: " Sometimes I forget that I have been chosen to be put in the position that I am in, given the platform I have been given and the kind of love that I receive. I hope and pray that I can always uphold the responsibility.”
She also mentioned on her message: "Mr and Mrs Hafeez R Khan".

Later in a video message, the actress said she was very passionate and wanted to speak for the rights of the refugees around the world. "I love to speak for the refugees across the world," Mahira Khan said.

It may be mentioned here that Mahira Khan is the first woman who has been chosen by UNHCR as the Goodwill Ambassador for refugees from Pakistan.

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