Violent Protests Continue In Bolivia Despite Morales, Top Officials' Resignation - Reports

BRASILIA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 11th November, 2019) Violent protests in Bolivia continue despite President Evo Morales and several other top-level officials yielding to the demonstrators' demands and resigning, Bolivian media reported.

On Sunday, Morales resigned after weeks of protests throughout Bolivia which were sparked by a controversial October 20 election, in which Morales won nearly 10 more points than his opposition. His resignation followed the publishing of a report by international observers that found "grave" irregularities in the election.

According to the Razon media outlet, a group of protesters set 15 buses on fire in a transportation hub in south La Paz. The incident took place at about 7 p.m. (23:00 GMT).

In the surrounding neighborhood, residents have reported damages to private homes and fear looting, the outlet reported.

Opposition candidate Carlos Mesa called on law enforcement officers to intervene and restore order.

"In the face of attacks perpetrated by violent organized groups, I again call on the Armed Forces and National Police to comply with their constitutional mandate to protect citizens," Mesa tweeted.

Following Morales' resignation on Sunday, Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, Senate President Adriana Salvatierra Arriaza, the senate first vice president and the leader of the chamber of deputies, and several other top officials, resigned.

Additionally, the president, vice president and several other administrative staff of the Bolivian Central Election Commission were all arrested, on the order of the Interior Ministry, following the publishing of the report on election irregularities.