Bolivian Election Commission Chief Arrested After OAS Report Finds Election Irregularities

MEXICO CITY (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 11th November, 2019) the president and vice president of Bolivia's Central Election Commission were arrested, on the order of the country's interior ministry, after international observers reported alleged election irregularities during Bolivia's recent presidential election.

On Sunday, the Organization of American States released its preliminary report on the controversial October 20 presidential election in which Bolivia's President Evo Morales secured nearly a 10 point advantage over his opponent. The report said it found "clear manipulations" of the voting system and recommended a new election to be held.

"Prosecution has began investigating the facts of the crimes committed during the election in relation to forging documents, manipulating information, changing and concealing results and voter lists, abuse of power," the Bolivian government said in a statement.