“Dangal” Satellite Shares Sold For 75 Crore

“Dangal” satellite shares sold for 75 crore

MUMBAI, (Pakistan Point News – 16th Dec, 2016) : Bollywood actor Amir Khan’s upcoming film’s satellite shares sold for 75 crore. This is the biggest deal to be made in Bollywood’s history. Satellite shares have a prominent affect on the the film. Amir Khan is not the first actor but other actors including Salman Khan< SRK and Hrithik Roshan are already on the list of selling their satellite shares. However, Amir Khan’s upcoming flick is the biggest Bollywood deal ever made. Zee media group has bought the shares for 75 crore. The film is to be released on 23rd December. Apart from this Amir Khan with this film broke the record of his own film Dhoom 3, its shares were sold for 68 crore.