Russian Embassy In Latvia Condemns Demolishing Monument To Soviet Heroes In Riga

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 02nd November, 2019) The Russian Embassy in Latvia condemned on Friday the demolishing a monument to Soviet World War II submariners in Riga, calling it sacrilege.

Earlier in the day, the monument, located 31 miles off the current Latvian Naval Forces headquarters, was reportedly demolished. It was in the morning when people living near the area discovered the monument's disappearance.

"In the early hours of November 1, the monument to the Soviet hero submariners of the Baltic was demolished in Daugavgriv. We vigorously condemn this sacrilegious act aimed to disregard the memory of Soviet soldiers," the embassy wrote on Facebook.

The monument was protected by a treaty concluded between Moscow and Riga.

According to the embassy, this measure was taken despite the bilateral agreement and without coordinating the issue with Russia, which is a violation of international law.

The monument was demolished by a Latvian state joint-stock company and moved to a landfill as it fell to pieces during the liquidation process.