Missing Children Spree: Another Child Abducted In Lahore


Missing children spree: Another child abducted in Lahore

Police station failed to trace so far a woman and her teenage sister who were abducted two months ago in Shahdara area of the provincial capital.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-23th Oct, 2019) The incidents of missing children in Lahore seem to be out of control as another five-year old child was kidnapped from Liaqatabad police precinct on Wednesday.

According to the reports, Muhammad Yahya, 6, went from his home to nearby shop to buy some food but did not return. The parents, after waiting and searching for hours, failed to find any clue about his whereabouts. Yahya also studies in a local mosque. After searching everywhere, the victim family went to Liaqatabad police and lodged a complaint for his search and recovery but police is still clueless about the missing child.

Muhammad Makki, the father of the missing child, went to Liaqatabad police station and lodged complaint about his child stating that their child went out to buy some food from the nearby shop and did not return.

“We are running from pillar to post but in vain,” said Makki, the father of child.

“We searched him everywhere but couldn’t find him,” said Azhar Mehmood, adding that “We finally approached Liaqatabad police for help and lodged complaint about the missing child but unfortunately still we have don’t know where the innocent child has gone,”.

“Yahya has been kidnapped or went missing is still not sure,” said Azhar Mehmood. He also alleged that when they approached Liaqatabad police they demanded money to take any action.

“They ask us to bring tea and cigarettes at police station just for seeking help for recovery of our child,” the uncle of missing child said.

“If you want us to search the child bring us money,” he further said while the pain of being helpless was visible on his face.

The exploitation of children –both physically and mentally is touching the sky as Kasur—the town of famous saint Baba Bullay Shah—has turned to be the worst ever district in the country’s history for children safety and protection.

Last month, the remaining of four children were found from the suburban area of Kasur city who police suspected were sexually abused before murder. Kasur police arrested a man namely Sohail Shehzad after his DNA matched with samples taken from the bodies of four children who were abducted, abused and murdered. Police produced the suspect before the Anti-Terrorism Court and secured his physical remand for further investigation.

On other hand, a woman and his teenage sister were kidnapped by unknown persons from Shahdra Town police station two months ago but still the police is clueless about them.

One of suspects who was taken into custody by the relevant police has secured bail from the Lahore High Court.

Shehnaz Bibi, 55, the mother of kidnapped woman and girl, said that her daughters were kidnapped by unknown persons but still she was helpless in finding them out anywhere. She said her daughter-in-law was also involved in their kidnapping because she had developed connections with some people.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything because I lost my daughters. They have been kidnapped,” said Shehnaz Bibi, crying for security and justice.

“My home gives me a deserted look after my daughters were kidnapped,” said the woman, adding that “her aged husband is helpless and poor to find the girls,”.

According to the reports, Liaqatabad police and Shahdra Town police said that they had been making efforts in tracing out the culprits involved in kidnapping children and women.

“The child was kidnapped or he went by himself and lost is still not sure,” said the Investigation Officer of Liaqatabad police station adding that “But we are investigating and hope that the culprits will be held,”.

Shahdara police station also gave the similar response when asked about the kidnapped woman and teenage girl. “We have found out a suspect involved in their kidnapping but he is on the bail,”. “We are optimistic in this case as we have him in our custody for investigation,” the investigator concluded.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.