Man Commits Suicide Live On Facebook


Man commits suicide live on Facebook

Munir Ahmad Kalhoro, the resident of North Sindh, ended up his life after his close friend got angry with him.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-22th Oct, 2019) In what can be said the first of its kind incident in Pakistan's history, a man committed suicide live on Facebook after his close friend got angry with him.

Munir Ahmad Kalor, a resident of Mirpur Mathaileo, district Ghotaki,Sindh, went to his angry friend to make him happy but he refused to come out of his home and did not respond him. On it, Munir Ahmad came back, appeared live on his facebook page and announced that he was going to end his life.

Before committing suicide, he addressed his friends saying that: " I'm going to commit suicide for a friend who got angry with me,". "My friends please dont indulge yourseslf in love. I am helpless in this situation and can't dare to commit suicide," he said while tears rolled down on his cheeks in his live appearance on Facebook.

Munir also mentioned his friend Kamran Laghari saying that "Kamran Laghari you will be missed a lot; you always remained important to me my entire life,". "Anyway, much thought and much seen," said Munir. He also apologized from his friends saying that " I apologize from all of you if I ever hurt you,". After that he pulled the trigger of the pistol he was holding and committed sucide.

After the incident, the police took pistol, a bike into custody and shifted the body to Mirpur Matheleo Hospital.

According to the locals, Munir Ahmad Kalhoro was single and had three siblings including two brothers and a sister. They said that Munir Ahmad was missing from the home for last four days and finally the family was handed over his body. The man for whom Munir Ahmad committed suicide also came to see the body of his friend and said that they had not been angry. However, the major reason for which Munir committed suicide has yet to come.

Munir's' five-minute long live video went viral and the Facebook administration did not remove it from its site.

Many social media users cautioned that the video should not be spread on the social website, saying that many could follow the suit. Local Jarwar police station did not register FIR of the incident while the local police said: "we are investigating the matter and the FIR will be registered only when it will be clear that the incident was a suicide or just murder,".

The police said that Munir committed suicide live on Facebook so against whom they could register FIR is not clear yet.

"We register FIR against the person who commits suicide but in this case he committed and is no more," said the police officerr of Jarwar police station in North Sindh.

"Whose pistorl it was and from where he got are the questions we are still investigating," he further said.

Fida Hussnain

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