'Mesh' Platform Provides Innovative Solutions, New Opportunities For UAE Nationals, Residents

'Mesh' platform provides innovative solutions, new opportunities for UAE nationals, residents

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 21st Oct, 2019) Launched by four graduates of the ‘Leadership Programme’ from the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Leadership Development, MBRCLD, the Dubai-based ‘Mesh’ platform will become the go-to place for both those seeking opportunities, and organisations looking for outstanding talent, entrepreneurs, innovators and new business models.

The platform is part of a larger economic resilience being built in anticipation of future economic trends such as digital knowledge and participatory economies and positions the UAE – and Dubai in particular – as a global hub for innovative ideas and entrepreneurs.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, praised the founders of the platform in a tweet saying, "We have tasked the graduates to create two ideas for two non-governmental entities that provide innovative services to the community".

Established by Alia Hussain Al Hammad, Mona Abdul Hakim, Hussain Khansaheb and Aisha Rawert, Mesh is a digital business platform that brings together new talent, innovators and independent professionals on a single interactive platform and allows for direct communication without any intermediaries. The platform identifies opportunities and creates new workspaces aligned with the rapidly growing, knowledge-based economy.

The platform provides professionals with real opportunities to showcase their skills and services for free and enables them to present their specialised skills and samples of past work to all participating companies, entities and business owners.

When asked about the programme, Abdulla Al Rumaithi, General Manager of the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Leadership Development, said, "We are delighted to witness the graduate’s success in various programmes, which reflects the core objective of MBRCLD programme to position Dubai as a global hub for new technological developments. MBRCLD works in line with the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to empower creativity, foresee future innovative solutions, and prepare outstanding leaders that can contribute to our economic, social and human development, regionally and globally."

Al Rumaithi added, "The creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship established by the programme has been instrumental in encouraging graduates to launch effective initiatives and promising projects such as the Mesh platform."

For her part, Alia Hussain Al Hammadi, CEO of Mesh and a graduate of the Leadership Programme, described how the Leadership Programme’s students "have learned from the outstanding leadership vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, which is to place mankind first and ensure that we always create values for all segments of the society. [The students] have also learned to always maintain a sense of passion, commitment, curiosity and flexibility, which inspired herself other MBRCLD graduates to launch a digital business platform that creates unlimited jobs and innovation for UAE nationals and residents".

Al Hammadi added, "The vision of Mesh programme is to shape the future of entrepreneurship in a new way, linking entrepreneurs and companies with qualified professionals from the UAE. Additionally, the platform provides job seekers from all over the world to apply without intermediaries using the new technology and artificial intelligence applications the platform offers."

The platform shall preserve the rights of all parties and ensure both sides’ compliance with working conditions. Companies will deposit the amount allocated to the respective project, which will be obtained by the collaborator without delay after completion and delivery of the project as per the agreed terms and deadline. In return, the platform will refund the amount to the company in case the collaborator does not fulfill the required work task.

Mesh offers companies the ability to search for specific services and skills offered by free professionals registered in the UAE and abroad, and has clear evaluations given by those who have worked with these professionals in previous projects. This, in turn, reduces costs and enhances the project’s economic and commercial feasibility.