Ayesha Omar Says Just An Accident Changed Her Entire Life


Ayesha Omar says just an accident changed her entire life

The actress says she can do comparing and singing beside acting in films and dramas.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/ Pakistan Point News-18th Oct, 2019) Famous actress Ayesha Omar said that just an accident changed her entire life.
In an interview to a local newspaper, the actress said that she went through different phases of her life but just an accident changed her entire life. She said she was interested in producing dramas and films but was unable to do so just because of some restrains.
"Still there are some scares of accident on my body and I never felt before the pain of such scares due to accident," said the actress. "It used to be very strange to hear others talking about pain but I really felt it when I personally went through the crisis and pain," She further stated.
Answering to a question Ayesha Omar said that she felt regret over refusal three films. A film namely 'Rahbra" was not completed but again its shooting started anad she would take part in it.

"My role in Rahbra is very interesting," said Ayesha Omar during her interview. Ayesha said that she can do acting, modeling and singing and comparing.

"When I feel that I should talk I start comparing and whenver I feel that I should sing i start singing," the actress said, adding that " but now my entire focus will be on films and dramas,".

Ayesha Omar was also subjected to crticism when her photo in an event held in Egypt went viral. Her fans targetted her and criticized her for her strange picture.

Fida Hussnain

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