India's Appeasement A Replay Of Munich Agreement: Masood*

India's appeasement a replay of Munich Agreement: Masood*

Sardar Masood Khan, President of AzadJammu Kashmir, while speaking at the Centre of Excellence (Faizan-i-Islam)here, has said that India's appeasement by major powers, in the aftermathof the invasio

Walthamstow (Pakistan Point News / Online - 17th October, 2019) Sardar Masood Khan, President of AzadJammu Kashmir, while speaking at the Centre of Excellence (Faizan-i-Islam)here, has said that India's appeasement by major powers, in the aftermathof the invasion, siege and colonisation of the Indian Occupied Jammu andKashmir on August 5 this year, was reminiscent of the 1938 Munich Agreementwhen Western powers acquiesced to Hitler's land grab in Czechoslovakia andlater of Poland.

At that time they endorsed Hitler's claim that this was an internal matter.This appeasement, he said, led to a devastating war, genocide and pogrom.The President said that the situation in IOJK was not much different.Addressing a reception hosted by Sheikh Ghulam Rabbani and attended bylocal MPs, Councilors, lawyers and representatives of civil society,President Masood Khan said that the people of London cannot fullyvisualise the pain and suffering the people of IOJK, where the entirepopulation was besieged in their own homes and homeland, where thousands ofyoung men had been abducted by the occupation forces and were beingtortured in prison houses, where entire political leadership was behindbars, where women were being molested and raped, and where the entireterritory had become an economic wasteland.

The President said that what kind of mockery was it that the puppetGovernor of the occupied territory and his masters sitting in Delhi weresaying that the situation in IOJK was "normal'. It was a jailer'sdefinition of normal situation with the difference that in this massprison, innocent, unarmed people were being incarcerated and brutalised asa nation."This was India's new normal". Let the people of Kashmir say the situationis normal, and they would say that only when their fundamental rights,including the right to self-determination, have been restored.

Sardar Masood Khan thanked the UK Parliament for holding a debate on Jammuand Kashmir after the illegal steps taken by India on August 5; and theLabour Party for adopting a strong resolution on Kashmir. In this regard,he especially acknowledged and applauded the role of the Kashmiri andPakistani diaspora community in the UK which had influenced public opinioninside and outside the Parliament through effective lobbying, vigils,rallies, processions, demonstrations, and conferences.

"Your voice had animpact and it will continue to have its resonance in the UK, Europe andacross the Atlantic."The President said that while the international media and human rightsorganisations have been clamouring for end to India's repression in IOJK,the UN Security Council has been issuing infrequent bland statements,neglecting its fundamental obligation to protect the people of Jammu andKashmir from genocide and the region from the scourge of a looming war.

"This is dereliction of duty", he said.Underlining the need for taking practical steps, the President said: "Don'tlet the story (of Kashmir) die and don't let them (Indians) change thestory.""If you cage people, there will be reaction. If the coercion is violent, itwill beget self-defensive "violence", in however rudimentary form and nomatter how unarmed the people are, he said adding that that civildisobedience is the ultimate self-punitive weapon that people use againstoppressive colonial masters. Kashmiris under siege had started theireconomic boycott of the oppressor by withholding their produce of applesand walnuts.