Ushna Shah Apologizes Over Tweet Regarding Pizza Delivery Boy

Ushna Shah apologizes over tweet regarding pizza delivery boy

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has apologized over her tweet on pizza delivery boy

KARACHI (Pakistan Point News / Online - 17th October, 2019) Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has apologized over her tweet on pizza delivery boy.The actress posted a video on Instagram, admitting that her tweets were tone deaf and could be easily misunderstood by anyone."Because I was a girl holding the dog, he was not trusting my strength. I was encouraging the delivery boy to come and put pizza on the table, constantly telling him that I am holding the dog," she explained.

"But that did not work, so I jokingly told him �come on show some masculinity' and because I know my patriarchal society, that kid enthusiastically came forward and kept the pizza on the table," she added.I admit that I did use the patriarchy card which was a flaw of mine, it worked but I did not like that I had to use it to instill courage into the boy," she said."I do not bully people and I sure as heck don't tolerate being bullied. Enough," her caption along with the video stated.

It is to be mentioned here that Ushna Shah landed in trouble after her �demeaning' and �sexist' remarks to a pizza delivery guy at 2:30 a.m sparked outrage on social networking website Twitter.On a Twitter post, the actress wrote, "Mard banein, aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hai, mardaangi peida karein." (Be a man. You are not a four-year-old girl. Try to be manly).She stated that the pizza delivery boy was scared of her growling pitbull dog which she was holding back.

"Marrd banein", "aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hein", "mardaangi peida Karein" - some of the sexist & demeaning things I said 2 my 2:30AM Pizza delivery guy 2 convince him 2 bring pizza inside as I held my barking & growling Pitbull back.Ushna Shah (@ushnashah) October 13, 2019...(cont) little did he know if he had somply come in calmly and had I let her go she would have just sniffed him and given him kisses #smh #notaguarddog#narcothepitbillUshna Shah (@ushnashah) October 13, 2019These comments made the Twitterati angry who demanded her to apologize from the boy.

are you alright? you demeaned a person in the food service industry when they are already overworked and underpaid, shame on you.Atiya Abbas (@AtiyaAbbas_) October 14, 2019bohat fakhar ki baat hai oscar kahan lena pasand karengi aap?Ali (@alyfarooq_) October 14, 20192nd part of this story should be you going to find him at his workplace, apologize like you mean it preferably with a token of your regret, and never do anything like that ever again.

And don t subject anyone to your growling pitbull, imagine being on the other end of that.Issam Ahmed (@IssamAhmed) October 14, 2019However, the actress posted another tweet to explain her position in this situation and said, "To everybody crying about my rant to the pizza guy. I was holding the dog. He refused to come in. The first ten minutes of mera waada hei kuch nahi Hota, meina pakra hua hei issey please guzar jayein,bahadur baneyin Shahbash didn't work." (I promise that the dog will not do anything as I am holding her. Dont get afraid).None of that encouragement worked. But as soon as his masculinity was challenged my pizza was inside. Says more about society then it does me, she added.