Entire World Should Be Concerned With Preventing US-Iran Confrontation - Doha

DOHA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 16th October, 2019) The issue of preventing a confrontation between the United States and Iran should concern the whole world, not just Qatar, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lowlah Al-Khater said on Tuesday.

"If we talk about the security of liquefied natural gas [LNG] supply routes, we must remember that 30 percent of global LNG supplies come from Qatar. If we imagine for a moment that this has stopped, what will happen in the world. For instance, what will happen to Japan, which receives 60 percent of LNG from Qatar; or to the UK, which receives 30 percent of LNG from Qatar; to India, South Korea or China," Al-Khater said while addressing participants of the Global Security Forum in Doha.

According to her, the circumstances of any military escalation in the region will affect "everyone in the world," so the question of the need to prevent confrontation should be addressed to the whole world, not just to Qatar.

She added that Qatar's Arab neighbors in the region, including Saudi Arabia, which use harsh rhetoric against Iran, have immediately changed their position at the first sign of a possible military confrontation between Tehran and the United States.

Tensions have escalated in the Persian Gulf over the past several months, in large part due to the standoff between the United States and Iran over the 2015 nuclear deal Washington unilaterally withdrew from the pact last year, which prompted Tehran to begin rolling back its nuclear commitments. A series of attacks on tankers in Gulf waters and, most recently, drone attack against oil facilities of Saudi Arabia have worsened the situation, with Washington and its allies placing the blame on Iran. Tehran has refuted all accusations.