Two-day Sports Event Under Mehfooz Shaheed Welfare Foundation Ended

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News / Online - 14th October, 2019) Two-day sports event held under Mehfooz Shaheed welfare foundation has ended.Teams associated with Names of Pak Army martyrs near base of the area have participated in the sports competition held in Bhambar Tarar native village of Islamabad.Team of Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Nishan e Haider has won the title of Champion after winning all sports competitions.Civilian youths have won the competition of Rassa-Kashi organized between Retired soldiers of Pak Army and civilian youths.Chairman welfare Syed Shabbir Shah Gillani, Vice Chairman Al Haaj Raja Mujahid, Master Razeeq, Malik Sabit advocate, Syed Ghazi Shah Gillani, General Councilor Tariq Mehmood, Raja Irfan and others have awarded trophies along with Cash prizes.A large number of people attended the event.