UPDATE 2 - Flight Carrying Russian National Yuzik Released By Iran Lands In Moscow - Online Timetable

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 10th October, 2019) A flight by Russian airline Aeroflot carrying Russian national Yulia Yuzik, who has been released from detention in Iran, landed in the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow early on Thursday, the airport's online timetable showed.

Earlier in the day, the Russian embassy in Tehran said that Yuzik had been released, adding that the Russian journalist had departed to Moscow.

According to the online timetable, flight SU 513 landed in the airport at 05:47 a.m. (02:47 GMT).

A Sputnik correspondent reported from the airport on Thursday that reporters from broadcasters and news agencies waited for Yuzik outside, however, she did not walk out of the customs control of sector A of the airport's terminal F.

About 15 people who landed on the SU 513 flight walked out of the area.

Meanwhile, Yuzik's ex-husband, Boris Voytsekhovskiy, confirmed to Sputnik that the journalist had arrived in Moscow, adding that her mother had come to meet her at the airport.

"She definitely arrived. Her mother came to meet her but Yulia called her and said she had been walked out through some other exit and told her to go home," Voytsekhovskiy pointed out.

Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists Timur Shafir told Sputnik that huge public and state resources had been engaged for the release of the Russian national.

"We expected that she would be released, but we hoped that it would happen in the very first days after the detention. We knew that huge resources at various levels both public and state were engaged for her release. And we, of course, are happy for her relatives and children, who were on pins and needles all this time. We are happy that all this is behind," Shafir said.

According to the Russian embassy, Yuzik arrived in Tehran on September 29 on a private invitation, after which her passport was seized at the airport for unknown reasons. The journalist was arrested on October 2 at a hotel.

The embassy has said, citing Yuzik's relatives, that the detention had been related to espionage charges. Meanwhile, the Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabiei, said Monday that Yuzik's detention was not connected with espionage, adding the journalist had problems with her visa.