Traders Announce Protest March Towards Islamabad As Talks With FBR Fail

Traders announce protest march towards Islamabad as talks with FBR fail

The All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran has decided to start a protest march towards Islamabad as talks with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have failed

Lahore (Pakistan Point News / Online - 21st September, 2019) The All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran has decided to start a protest march towards Islamabad as talks with Federal board of Revenue (FBR) have failed.APAT central general secretary Naeem Mir said that traders talks with the FBR on the issues of CNIC condition, sales tax registration and fixed tax scheme could not be fruitful and the traders body has called their representatives from all provinces of the country to reach Islamabad on October 09, 2019 to finalise the strategy regarding another shutdown for redressal of their demands.

He said that the deadlock persisted and no new date for next round of talks was decided during the last meeting.Naeem Mir said that trade body's representatives from every district and tehsils will come to Islamabad to make a historic gathering against the government illegitimate taxation measures.He said that traders of AJK will march towards Islamadab in the lead of Shaukat Mir while traders' delegations from Gilgit Baltistan will reach the capital led by Masudur Rehman.

He said that Malik Shahid Ghafoor, Rauf Mughal, Aslam Bhalli, Javed Butt and Mumtaz Babar will lead the trade delegations from various districts and Tehsils of Punjab.The participants of traders protest will move to Islamabad from districts and Goths of Sindh in the leadership of Qayyum Qureshi, Amin Memon, Haroon Memon, Rahmatullah Sand, Haji Majeed and Javed Qureshi.Jamil Paracha, Abdul Rehman, Ismail Lalapuria and Salim Memon will bring the traders to Isalmabad for the protest while Abdul Rahim Kakar and Allah Dad Tarin will lead the trade delegation of Balochistan.

From the KPK traders will march towards the capital in the lead of Malik Mehr Ali and Ehsan Baacha.Naeem Mir said that traders of Islamabad will host the traders from across the country in the leadership of Ajmal Baloch on 9TH October to finalise the date of protest and shutter down allover the country.He said that traders and tax-collection body are at loggerheads over imposition of condition of CNIC and it remains key reason of the stalemate.Traders' major demand is to lift the condition of CNIC. They also raised issues of sales tax registration. Both FBR and traders also failed to finalise the draft for fixed tax regime.