600,000 People From 150 Nationalities Sign ‘Covenant For Million Tolerant’

600,000 people from 150 nationalities sign ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 18th Sep, 2019) Around 600,000 people from 150 nationalities have signed ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’, launched by the Zayed House for Islamic Culture, ZHIC, last April.

The e-document, which portrays the image of the UAE as a hub for tolerance, goodness and love, has contributed to realising the strategic goals of the ZHIC over instilling the significance and sustainability of tolerance as a sublime moral value in the UAE community.

According to the latest statistics, the visitors to the e-platform reached more than 777,000, comprising 277,000 males and 168,000 females, with participation from some 150 nationalities, notably from the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, India, etc.

The respective teamwork of the Covenant for Million Tolerant communicated with 129 foundations in the UAE, of which 75 are in Abu Dhabi, 14 in Dubai, 15 in Sharjah and 21 in Ajman. This is in addition to the three other foundations in Ras Al Khaimah, and one in Fujairah.

Some 66.7 percent of the foundations that the ZHIC contacted showed interest in supporting the e-platform initiative for the e-document, with the covenant receiving backing from eminent and influential figures on social media in the UAE. Those who signed it include 49 ministers, executives, writers, media personnel, sportsmen and celebrities.

The ZHIC cooperated with various institutions and media outlets to promote the platform for the Covenant to reach the locals and residents of the UAE.

To this end, the moment the e-platform for the Covenant was launched last April, the ZHIC established a publicity plan to reach its goal of attracting a million participants. The team also organised two campaigns, one with 'du' and another on Facebook in both Arabic and English. This was in addition to the campaign the ZHIC is currently organising in schools, universities, and public and private colleges in cooperation with the Ministry of education and Department of Education and Knowledge.

Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, Director-General of ZHIC, said that the Covenant for Million Tolerant was in line with fulfilling the aspirations of the country's leadership about spreading and establishing the values of tolerance, love and giving among members of the society.