PML-n Got A Triumphant Achievement In Azad Kashmir Elections.


PML-n got a triumphant achievement in Azad Kashmir Elections.

Azad Kashmir, (Pakistan Point News – 22th july, 2016) : PML-n got a tremendous victory in Azad Kashmir elections by winning 32 out of 41 seats while PTI succeeded in achieving only two seats. PPP who had ruled Azad Kashmir previously, suffered a great upset when only 2 seats came in its part. PML-n got 23 out of 29 seats from Azad Kashmir and 9 out 12 seats among the migrants. on the other hand the supporters of PML-n distributed sweets and celebrated the success of their party. whereas Muslim conference won 3 seats, Jummu People's party won 1 seat and the independent candidate succeeded in achieving 1 seat.