Colombia Plane Crash - Reactions From Around Europe

Colombia plane crash - reactions from around Europe

PARIS, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 29th Nov, 2016 ) : Reactions from around Europe on Tuesday to the plane crash in Colombia carrying the Brazilian top-flight team Chapecoense amongst its 81 passengers: "My prayers and my solidarity for the survivors, families and friends of Chapecoense in this sad time." - Colombian striker Radamel Falcao (on Twitter) "We are deeply shaken by the accident concerning the club of our old player Cleber Santana.

Our condolences to the families. Rest in Peace." - Atletico Madrid, whose former player Cleber Santana was club captain at Chapecoense (on Twitter) #ForgaChapecoense - The thoughts of everyone at Manchester United are with @ChapecoenseReal & all those affected by the tragedy in Colombia." - Manchester United, who lost eight players in February 1958 as their plane crashed on take off from Munich airport (on Twitter) "Real Madrid C.F. expresses its sorrow at the tragic air crash involving the Brazilian club Chapecoense and extends its condolences to relatives and friends of the victims.

At the same time, wishing an early recovery for the survivors." - Real Madrid (on club website) "Our thoughts are with Chapecoense and everyone effected by this tragedy and their families. We are speechless." - Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid captain (on Twitter) "All our support and solidarity is with the victims and the families affected by the @ChapecoenseReal tragedy in Colombia." - FC Barcelona (on Twitter) "The thoughts of AS Roma are addressed to Chapecoense and all those affected by the tragedy in Colombia. #ForgaChapecoense". - AS Roma (on Twitter) "FC Porto is with Chapecoense and their families at this difficult moment." - FC Porto (on Twitter)